7 Days Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat

7 Days Vinyasa Yoga & Ayruveda Retreat


    In this program you will have yoga vinyasa classes (with asanas, pranayama, meditation) twice a day, along with relaxing massages 5 days a week, to increase your health and produce a deep relaxation, an ideal cure for stress. This program benefits the body and mind by removing energy blockades by balancing the chakras and regulating energy distribution throughout the body. Yoga strengthens the body and clears the mind from the inside, you will learn Hatha Vinyasa and hatha shanti yoga sequence, which you can further continue to practice on your own afterwards. Massages function as acupuncture for the nadis / nerves from the outside and balance blood circulation and immune system. Beyond, you will make a spiritual vacation trip every week, as for example to Jatayu Para rock for a hilltop meditation, to golden island by boat to visit a temple and chant some mantras, or trekking in the mountains of Ponmudi. This program is special in that it offers you to experience a yogic lifestyle. You are always welcome to join (for free) their yogic community doing tantric pranayama techniques, mantra chanting, tantric pujas (fire ceremony), ayurvedic diet, and cooking classes. We will further determine your type of body (vata, pitta or kapha) and serve traditional ayurvedic lunch included in this package, fitting your individual needs. We are also happy to offer you free airport pickup service.

  • Special rate for: IN JULY, AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER THIS PROGRAM IS CONTINOUSLY AVAILABLE. You can choose a date you like and join the group at any time.
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